SOLO-LITE: The healthy & affordable alternative to salt

SOLO-LITEis a brand new alternative to salt that contains 30% less sodium & is enriched with the essential minerals iodine, magnesium & potassium. As versatile & flavoursome as salt, SOLO-LITE can be used for cooking, baking or seasoning - without any significant difference in taste, aroma or texture.


Helping you to maintain a healthy blood pressure

SOLO-LITE is a 100% natural product that helps you to maintain a healthy blood pressure without having to change your eating habits or compromise on food flavour. Although our bodies require just 3-5g of salt (sodium chloride) per day, in the developed world we typically consume 10-12g through the salt used in cooking & processed foods, as well as the salt we add at the table. Scientific research shows that reducing the intake of traditional salt is one of the most effective ways to lower blood pressure, helping to prevent a whole range of disabilities & death from stroke & heart disease. With 30% less sodium than salt, SOLO-LITEhelps to maintain a healthy blood pressure whilst also avoiding other health risks such as thrombosis, apoplexy & excess water retention during pregnancy.

Enriched with iodine

People in the UK are becoming deficient in iodine for the first time since the 1960's. As part of a varied & balanced diet & healthy lifestyle, iodine helps the cognitive, nervous & thyroid systems to function normally. Research shows that the children of iodine deficient mothers are more likely to have lower IQ & reading scores. SOLO-LITEcontains at least 30 micro grams of iodine per gram, equivalent to 20% of the recommended daily allowance for an adult.

Plus: Magnesium, Potassium & Calcium

SOLO-LITE also contains magnesium & potassium - minerals that populations in the developed world are increasingly deficient in - & calcium, all three of which are also proven to help maintain healthy blood pressure.